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Welcome to European Web University !

Trainings that transform your life !

You want to train alongside your job, your family, your sports career ?

Europe Web University is the first online private and open to everybody university in Europe.
Our long-term goal is to offer low-level university-level degree courses, and to broadcast more than 80% of our courses for free on youtube.

Unlike traditional universities, anyone can enroll, regardless of their previous studies. We do not require any diploma. You can come just as you are … and you can take university courses, maybe even get an official diploma, thanks to our many partners.

Europe Web University offers degree courses, complete university curriculum, and short courses for all.

(Our websites are still in the development phase, beta version. The final version will be launched in early 2021. We apologize for any inconvenience, and we wish you enjoyable and invigorating browsing on our sites.)

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